sábado, 3 de diciembre de 2011


Everyday you can hear on the Medias about basics for your closet. But, what is a basic piece? For me it is what can safe you in case of a last minute invitation.

You may ask yourself: What I am supposed to wear? The answer is really easy, if you get a little black dress, the show can go on.
              Ok, now we are in the right way, but… What about a blazer? I mean, it is cold outside… A basic blazer is which you can wear with a pair of jeans or a dress and always be stylish.

 Never without my Manolo’s! I would be glad if every one of us could have a pair of pumps like a Hollywood star. You know, it is not easy to pay for them, so a classic pair of pumps in only one colour is the key to succeed.

We are already in number four… What else do we need? Where am I going to carry everything that I need? A clutch or a handbag is a must in the investment of a good appearance. Sober lines for this investment can help you to have in the future a vintage piece that everyone would be crazy of.

Last but not least, a neckerchief, this can be your masterpiece, like Miranda Priestley in Devil wears Prada, she always had one of Hermès.

So that’s it, your ready to go. 

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